Kick-off Meeting

The meeting took finally place in an on-line environment because of uncertain Covid situation. During this meeting Partners confirmed previously agreed and accepted Project Risk Management; Quality Paln and Disssemination Paln. The staff involved in the Project was confirmed. The Schedule of the Project was presented and accepted. It was altered from originally presented in the Application because in the evaluation of the Projects Proposal NA has suggested that tasks proposed for IO1 and IO2 were duplicated in certain part and those two IOs should be connected. So the schedule of the Project and Gantt chart were changed according to the NA suggestions. Those changes were presented during the Kick-off meeting and approved by all Partners. There was discussion on Project’s methodology that has been selected. The organization of Short Training Event planned in Italy for month 7 of the project did not take place all because of Covid. Partners decided to postpone this event until safety would be restored. The specific date was not set, but initially Partners agreed for January or February 2022, all depending on scale of epidemic. During the meeting Leader Partner confirmed that Partnership Agreements were prepared and first installments should be transferred as soon as JKPU receives the money form NA. 1. Partners were informed that logo and FB site of the Project were prepared and JKPU was working on preparation of the Project’s website. 2. Partners decided that Google Drive would be the place to share and store all the working documents of the Project. 3. During the presentation of IO1 activities the details of target groups (trainers, social educators, social workers) and the beneficiaries (mainly primary school children) have been discussed and clarified. The question of laboratories have been also discussed (distance robotics and software). 4. Include has presented the IO3 activities – preparing the Multimedia book. It was agreed that the preparations of the multimedia book should commence together with the beginning of the Project. All the Partners would contribute to the preparation of the multimedia book. The contribution has been appointed so far, Include would coordinate preparation of Multimedia book and would be responsible for preparing introduction. During the next meeting the topics to be covered by other partners would be discussed and appointed. [www] 5. Emhasys presented their responsibilities during the Project: Smart learning training environment, software implementation, functions specification, user guiding and technical support as well as all the on-line environment required. Details of specific aspects relating to the Project would be discussed later on during the course of the Project. [www] 6. Questions regarding Robot therapy were clarified. The Project focuses on offering affordable solutions, Robot therapy as a part of social therapy, cognitive and psycho-cognitive rehabilitation (application of robots to improve the communication of children with autism or to improve their functioning). Robot therapy would be used to achieve rehabilitation objective. The Project would present the possibilities of interaction with children with autism remotely, providing the theory of how to use Robot therapy with interactions with children with autism. All the Partners should focus on collecting materials and arranging their ideas, reflect on their experience, gathering good practices in order to prepare their proposals.

Meeting Minutes DiLASD Kick-Off Meeting

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