Kick-off Meetings

Meeting Minutes DiLASD Kick-Off Meeting

Jun. 15. 2021

Microsoft Teams Platform

Participants of the meeting:

  • Andromachi Nanou, PhD, INCLUDE
  • Prof. Gilberto Marzano, Ecoistituto
  • Prof. Velta Lubkina, RTA
  • Katarzyna Evripidou, Emphasys
  • Andrianna Georgiou, Emphasys Nicholas Moudouros, Emphasys
  • Prof. Urszula Bartnikowska, JKPU
  • Magdalena Soliman, JKPU


16:00 -Welcome
16:05 – Project Management: Overview of the DiLASD project: goals and objectives, activities and expected deliverables with special focus on the project activities, Q&AJKPU
16:30 – Schedule of the projectJKPU
17:00 – Division of the tasksProf.Marzano
17:30 – Analysis of the project objectives and main results:
IO1 Training pack for supporting students and kids with ASD remotely (months 1-12) JKPU
18:00 – IO2 Laboratory activities (months 13-18) RTARTA
18:30 – IO3 Educational multimedia book (months 19-23) INCLUDEINCLUDE
– Administrative and financial issues
– Establishment of Steering committee
– Project detailed plan; JKPU
– Communication plan; JKPU
– Risk management plan JKPU
– Quality assessment plan EMPHASYS
– Dissemination plan Ecoistituto
– Activity reports
All Partners
19:45 – Conclusion / discussion – Q&A Closing of the conferenceAll Partners
  1. Having approved the agenda of the meeting participants have discussed the schedule of the project. Changing of the beginning of the Project to Jun.01 has been suggested as well as conducting off-line meeting in Warsaw in order to compare and discuss the results achieved so far after Pilot Testing Phase. M.Soliman should notify the NA about planned changes and get their approval for it. Partnership Agreements are being prepared and first installments should be transferred as soon as JKPU receives the money form NA. Partners have been informed that logo and FB site of the Project have been already prepared. JKPU is still working on preparing the Project’s website.
  2. Emhpasys has set the Google Drive, since it has been agreed to be the source of storing and sharing the Project’s documentation.
  3. JKPU has presented the activities of IO1. The details of target groups (trainers, social educators, social workers) and the beneficiaries (mainly primary school children) have been discussed and clarified. The question of laboratories have been also discussed (distance robotics and software).
  4. Include has presented the IO3 activities – preparing the Multimedia book. It has been agreed that the preparations of the multimedia book should commence together with the beginning of the Project. All the Partners will contribute to the preparation of the multimedia book. The contribution has been appointed so far, Include will coordinate preparation of Multimedia book and will be responsible for preparing introduction. During the next meeting the topics to be covered by other partners will be discussed and appointed.
  5. Emhasys has presented their responsibilities during the Project: Smart learning training environment, software implementation, functions specification, user guiding and technical support as well as all the on-line environment required. Details of specific aspects relating to the Project will be discussed later on during the course of the Project.
  6. Questions regarding Robot therapy have been clarified. The Project is focused on offering affordable solutions, Robot therapy as a part of social therapy, cognitive and psycho-cognitive rehabilitation (application of robots to improve the communication of children with autism or to improve their functioning). Robot therapy will be used to achieve rehabilitation objective. The Project will present the possibilities of interaction with children with autism remotely, providing the theory of how to use Robot therapy with interactions with children with autism.
  7. Distribution of tasks will be during next meeting. At the moment all the Partners should focus on collecting materials and arranging their ideas during June and July, (also August if not on vacation) in order to decide what is the best to be used and come up with the proposal. All Partners should do desk research and reflect on their experience, gathering good practices in order to prepare their proposals. JKPU will provide Guidelines and Templates so all the materials have the same structure and are presented in comparable way. During next meeting there will be discussion how to distribute the tasks among Partners considering that we need module for each subject basing on the materials prepared by Partners, their experience and preferences. Preparation of learning units will be discussed as well. Include pointed out that they have experience in teaching Judo remotely. This has been considered as extra scholastic activities and could be taken into consideration in the course of the Project. List of software to be used in autism teaching needs to be prepared as well.
  8. Communication Plan and Risk Management Plan have been prepared by JKPU and Dissemination Plan prepared by Ecoistituto. Emphasys shall prepare Quality Assessment Plan. The documents are uploaded in the Google disc DiLASD Project.
  9. JKPU will send the Guidelines and Templates by the end of June 2021 and upload it on the Disc.
  10. The time of next meeting will be announced after summer vacation, suggested mid of September.